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The exciting sport of Agility has taken the world by storm.
The Agility ring allows handler and dog to run full speed, while having to perform accurately and safely
on A-Frames, Dog Walks, See-Saws and a wide variety of jumps and tunnels.

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Because Agility is growing so rapidly, many dogs have earned progressively more difficult titles.
From Novice Agility (NA), Open Agility (OA), and Agility Excellent (AX) to Master Agility Excellent (MX).
Additional titles are Jumpers with Weaves Novice (NAJ), Open (OAJ), and Excellent (MXJ)
which leads to the supreme title of Master Agility Champion (MACH),
where a dog has to earn 750 points (based upon the speed of sound),
while double qualifying in each run through a course that requires both speed and accuracy.

Note: as of September 1, 2001, dogs eligible for entry in Miscellaneous Class at dog shows are
               eligible to participate provided their AKC identification number appears on the entry form.

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